May 16, 2010

What We'd Like to Watch

Waiting, hoping, wishing... that someday soon (meaning before Junior is old enough to go to college and write his own blog) that the original Dennis the Menace television series will be released on DVD. Until then we have YouTube.

On second thought, Junior already reminds me a little too much of Jay North... he'll just have to be happy with his episodes of Lost in Space and ideal child, Billy Mumy.


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ahh fun memories! I didn't like them as much as a kid because my icky brothers wanted to watch these shows, but I did enjoy watching them, secretly, pretending to whine about their choice of shows lol...

I wish they'd bring Our Gang and Little Rascals and The Three Stooges reruns back on Sunday mornings.

And Flipper, and Zorro and Laurel and Hardy and and and...

Space Commander said...

That's because they were all 5-star kid entertainment. And that's what DVD's are for ;) Although I have to admit, for some reason it's not quite the same as watching them on an actual TV broadcast.

Oh! I used to get mysterious tummy aches and stay home from school so I could watch the Rascals after Captain Kangaroo.

And don't forget to add reruns of Superman, and the Cisco Kid and the Lone Ranger... watching them stretched out on the livingroom floor all Saturday afternoon *sigh*

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