May 24, 2010

Italia Tabletta ona Neophobia... Mamma Mia!

Seen at Neophobia

1950's Italian Modernist Iron Frame Coffee Table

Unusual 1950s Modern cocktail table. Wrought-iron frame with glass top and cane shelf.

Price: $695.00

Glass top... *perk*
Wrought iron... *swoon*
Italian Moderne... *melting*
Che bello!

I really, really wish I wouldn't stumble on to things like this. It makes me very... wanting.



1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ahhhh sweet! Don't you love/hate finding these things?

I stumbled upon a furniture seller on eBay who was selling the most amazing Eames furniture FOR CHEAP and by the dozens!

Sticking point was, you had to arrange your own freight (from Brooklyn), and I had virtually no way to calculate the cost (I wanted 3 pieces lol). I didn't have any experience using freight and... I chickened out and didn't bid.

Well, now that the seller has some reputation, the opening bid amounts have gone up, but I wanted that furniture sooooooo bad...

Space Commander said...

Ewwww.... I won't have anything to do with sellers that are that way.

Then there are the ones that sell exactly what you want, but its for "pickup only."

From what I "hear," the Greyhound freight service does as good as anyone and they're probably the most economical.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Yup, I hear Greyhound is good.

The desk and shelves were $30 each. I'd take a gamble on Greyhound for that!

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