May 7, 2010

A Danish Modern Duck Hunt

So most of what you bring home from your vintage shopping are treasures that you just happen upon, becuase you happened to be in the right place at the right time. That's what makes it fun. However, there's always a few wish items, lurking in the back of your mind which you are ALWAYS scanning for, sometimes for years before you finally run across the prize you're looking for.

One of my hunts has had me keeping an eye open for a set danish modern ducks. Which brings me to another family history lesson! Okay, so you can all skip down and pick up at the next paragraph at this point... but I'll still have my little stories to tell ;) Dad loved Danish Modern. He collected it. One of the items he'd bought was a set of wooden ducks with metal wings. Growing up, I remember those wood & metal ducks hanging from our walls well into the seventies, always poised in flight... can you see one flying off in the picture below?

Ummm, yeah... that little guy in the photo is your's truely.

Anyways, a long search is over. I found a set of the birds on eBay, identical to my Dad's (insert a big sigh of satisfied relief here), destined to once again hang upon the same walls.... Just another piece of the old home being restored back to it's natural Mid Century state.

Now what's the next thing on my wish list?... does anyone know where to find Italian-Modern cafe curtains??? ;)


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Very cool! I've seen these often on eBay, and I saw them in an episode of . . . What else? Mad Men.

It's a wonderful feeling to find those special "things" we remember as kids.

I curse myself for not bidding high enough on a big, green metal box fan in great working shape last year (I can't think of the name right now, it was either "hotspot" or "coldpoint" or something), anyways, we used to have one growing up and I've been looking for one ever since, and have not seen any. Boo. =(

Space Commander said...

Booooo... I feel your pain! I get consumed by some of the most obscure things sometimes just because it's something I remember from kidhood.

Next to thrift shopping, eBay's my best friend, except when I work nights and weekends... when most auctions end :P

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