May 5, 2010

Fab Fleamarket Finds for $15

Cinco de Mayo? Already??

Well, well, well... it certainly was a busy April bringing warmer weather upon us, and I've been working very hard to do my part to boost an ailing economy :)

This foot stool is puuuurrfect for my pad. I've always had a weakness for mid-century wrought iron. It's airy, light and seems to float above the floor. It also has a handy magazine rack underneath in case I'm feeling too lazy to walk two feet to put my reading material where it belongs. And this was a steal at $15... woohooo!

Harkerware Set

Harkerware produced several pastel-colored versions of this set in the 60's. I really like the flecked pattern to the glaze of these. The seller had combined equal parts of the Shell Pink and the Blue Mist sets... making for an extremely atomic-looking combo! I walked away with the whole thing for just $15. Go me! Go me!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Wow I am sooo jealous! Great deals! =D

Frankie's Wife said...

Love, love, love the footstool...and the polynesian tablecloth!

Space Commander said...

Thanks Atomic and Frankie's ;)

The tablecloth was my great-aunt's. Its hardly ever used since I can vividly imagine what a certain 9-year old son of mine might spill on it.

Uncle Atom said...

Oooooh, wrought iron! We must have been separated at birth.

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