May 26, 2011

Gio Ponti Poalo de Poli Cat, a Bar and Zanuso too!

Rain, rain, go away...

While shivering away in the very damp central States, waiting to resume the never-ending task of painting the home, I've been once again browsing through eBay for wonderful MCM treasures yet to discover. You probably know how dangerous that can always be. There are a few things that caught my eye, all hopelessly beyond my wildest dreams of aquisition...

But I can always dream!

Rare Gio Ponti Poalo de Poli Cat
Italy, c. 1956 fire-enameled copper- beautiful Blue enamels
$3,000.00 or best offer
offered by: Fast Growing Princess

INTERIORS + Industrial Design Magazine
Bonniers; Marco Zanuso; Felix Augenfeld; Today's House On 34th Street; R. Buckminster Fuller's Autonomous Dwelling Unit; etc.
June 1949
Marco Zanuso
offered by: modernism101

Bar Cabinet By Gio Ponti
Italy 1950. 4 pieces, beautiful and rare. Marble top. Rosewood Bar and Back Bar set.
Brass legs. Display vitrine in the back bar cabinet.
$4500.00 or best offer
offered by: Nappi Antiques


Sudha said...

nice to see u back :) the post

Sudha said...

amazing finds..and yes we cant buy them, but we can dream cant we :)

Amber Von Felts said...

Heyyy! Welcome back to Blogland! These are fabulous finds....crazy expensive but ultra cool!

Space Commander said...

Thanks Sudha and Amber! Really like that cat though... a person could try making one with craft clay and sponge paint.

Lisa said...

The Gio Ponti Bar is KILLING. ME. Wow!

Heidi Ann said...

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Joel said...

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Joel Houston

Anonymous said...

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