November 30, 2008

"M" is for Mood Music

"M" is for Mood Music, to set an atmosphere that's just right for the evening.

And "M" is also for Mid-Century Modern. But you already knew that ;)

November 17, 2008

"L" is for Low

"L" is for Low - as in low chairs, side tables, coffee tables... especially for that conversation pit.

"L" is also for "Less is More" and Lounge, like this Mid Century Modern chair designed by Eames.

"K" is for Kafka

"K" is for Kafka (Franz), the writer.

"K" is also for Knoll, manufacturer of the Bertoia Chair as well as many, many other fine Post-Modern items.

The Trial by Franz Kafka,
originally uploaded by preemo.

November 16, 2008

"J" is for Japanese Influence

"J" is for Japanese Influence in simplifying.

"I" is for Italian

"I" is for "I" is for Italian influences in so many things...

MBDROHO EC029, originally uploaded by abesauer.

"H" is for Herman Miller

"H" is for Herman Millerjavascript:void(0)

November 14, 2008

"G" is for Garden

"G" is for the patio Garden, effortlessly bringing the outdoors into our home.

Garden 1, originally uploaded by acoustitch.

November 13, 2008

"F" is for Future

"F" is for the forward-thinking Future. Making Tomorrow happen Today.

"F" is also for Fiberglass shell chair, and Formica.

November 12, 2008

"E" is for Eames.

"E" is for Eames. Need we say more?

"E" is also for Egg chair, and also ummm... Etchings.

November 10, 2008

"D" is for Decor

"D" is for Decor. Simple. Floating. Art above object.

And "D" is also for Danish Modern, which is all of the above.

"C" is for Color

"C" is for Color... All of them from over-saturated Panavision to comfy pastel.

"C" is also for (Alexander) Calder mobiles.

November 9, 2008

"B" is for Better Living

"B" is for Better Living.

November 8, 2008

"A" is for ATOMIC

"A" is for Atomic, the glorious age of future-thinking Moderness. Art and Function hand-in-hand, accessible to all, not just a priveleged few.

Its what we like to call Home.

"A" is also for Art, without which Moderness would have no Soul.
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