January 2, 2012

Atomic Fallout Falling on eBay

Yes, the nuclear menace and Capitalism have long gone hand-in-hand. Even today! Here they are, the threats of Atomic Annihilation being sold on eBay. Bid high and bid often while the bidding is hot! Or you can be like me and just look :)


I wish I could get Junior to show this kind of gumption as these boys are demonstrating. Usually it's a major achievement just to see him crawl out of bed and get dressed in the morning!

1950s Cold War Fallout Shelter Atomic Bomb-DOD Sign

This would be a good thing to put on the bathroom door. Of course!


It'd almost be a shame to have all this cool electronic gadgetry unless you found the occasion to actually use it!... Almost ;)

Original Civil Defense Atomic Bomb and Attack Survival Guide lot

I'd be so interested to see what the plans for my own home town were, though I doubt it was very high on the target list. There are some massive underground shelters dotting the town yet though.

Vintage Civil Defense Metal Helmet

The helmet would have been used more as an authoritative symbol to identify by more than anything else. Though in times of any kind of natural or man-made emergency, the wearer would have had to be prepared to put their self in harms way.

This has been another bulletin from
Atomic Living's Emergency Broadcast System for

Please tune in again - Same Atomic time - same Atomic channel!


Rev. Dr. Potato. said...

Oh my gosh. I love CD stuff and this is all awesome. I have an awesome CD book on preparing a fallout shelter, etc., but I can never afford the other things on here.

Space Commander said...

They are crazy expensive, aren't they? And I never see anything like this in our local shops either, so my guess is that these items are maybe rarer now than a person would think. Which drives demand even more. But its all good - people are putting some value in history, as they should!

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