December 25, 2009

Aluminum Christmas

Aluminum Christmas, originally uploaded by Space Commander.

Somehow this old tree of my Grandma's always manages to make me feel all Christmassy inside in a way that even real trees don't quite manage.

I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas

December 10, 2009

Merry Xmas From the Space-Age Bachelor Pad

Retro genius Esquivel brings you "Merry Xmas From the Space-Age Bachelor Pad" Listen to samples from this and his other albums at Amazon.

In the mid-'90s, Juan Garcia Esquivel enjoyed one of the most unexpected resurgences of popularity -- and hipness -- in the annals of 20th-century pop. The composer and arranger skirted the lines between lounge music, eccentric experimentalism, and stereo sound pioneer in the late '50s and early '60s on a series of albums aimed at the easy listening market. Both cheesy and goofily unpredictable.

Ahhhhh, this warms my heart

December 2, 2009

Sleigh Me


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Vintage Christmas: 1945-1970

Vintage Christmas: 1945-1970

December 1, 2009

Its Time to Get You All Christmassy Inside

The always classic Spike Jones with "All I Want for Christmas (is My Two Front Teeth).

The Chipmunk Song

"The Alvin Show originally aired on CBS in 1961. This classic features the hit song that made the Chipmunks number 1!"

November 27, 2009

November "Atomic Pad of the Month"

Vacation House, originally uploaded by JAVA1888.

The ultimate Mid Century Vacation home!

Image from Sunset Patio Book, 1961/Special thanks to Java1888 for showcasing this atomic pad on the Atomic Living group @ flickr!

November 10, 2009

Kroehler Chair

Kroehler Chair, originally uploaded by Space Commander.

This easy chair makes me feel more relaxed just by looking at it - Coolness!

Curbside Find

Curbside Find, originally uploaded by Space Commander.

She needs some attention, but on the other hand she was free!

October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

House of Horror (The Tarantula Ghoul Show)
October 9, 1957 - November 26, 1958

House of Horror was a weekly series of horror movies, enlivened by (or, perhaps "endeadened" is more appropriate) by hostess Tarantula Ghoul and her husband Milton. Often on the show, her boa constrictor snake "Baby" would be featured.

Tarantula Ghoul and The Cryptkickers recorded two novelty songs in the late 1950s, "Graveyard Rock" and "King Kong." Click the links below to listen!

Graveyard Rock (mp3)

King Kong (mp3)

Excerpted from House of Horror, be sure to visit the site for more, for photos and the rest of the story...

September 7, 2009

Holiday at the Lake - Part 2

And while were down camping at the lake this glorious Labor Day weekend, I thought it'd be appropriate to share another photo from the family album (now stop your groaning, this won't take long). Here's a shot of my Grampa during a family outing fishing, probably for sunfish or bluegill sometime in the mid Fifties. He was a lifelong barber with his own shop downtown, worked hard but knew when to slow down and enjoy life. He was every guy's buddy, loved kids and a laugh I'll never forget.

Every one should have been blessed with a grand dad like him!

September 6, 2009

Holiday at the Lake

This holiday weekend the father and son team went camping at beautiful but buggy Branched Oak Lake. We had plans to do a little fishing for big fish.

Here's my little ammo box - four generations of fishing wizardry are squeezed in Dad's old tacklebox. There's goodies that were my grandpa's, my dad's, a bunch of shiny gadgets I got when I was but a wee lad, some fake worms made in shop class, the vintage silverware tray donated from Mom's kitchen drawer, home-made wizardry and more recently Junior's Plankton lure from his first SpongeBob rod & reel.

So... what do I recommend as the #1 best bet in your sporting equipment arsenal??

A fat earthworm on a hook.

It worked for us!

August 21, 2009

August "Atomic Pad of the Month"

THE INCREDIBLES, originally uploaded by chimpsmcgee.

THE INCREDIBLES house! Where else would a self-respecting crime fighter and self-proclaimed protector of freedom, justice and the American way live, but in an ultra sophisticated MCM ranch home.

By the way, that's not too shabby a set of wheels in the driveway, either.

Thanks to Atomic Living member Chimpsmcgee for showcasing this pad on flickr!

August 11, 2009

Some Things Just Never Get Dated

The American Vacation. A time honored and tested tradition. And by golly, isn't it the constitutional right of every American to set forth this time of year to experience this country for all it has to offer, crammed into one magnificent week, spending hours upon hours of mind-numbing travel in a tightly-packed vehicle of questionable road-worthiness!

After a week of roughing it in the Great American Wilderness in our little tent, we're back home. Sleeping bags, campfire cookouts and hotdogs, rain sprinkles that turn into showers, sleeping where the wild buffalo, coyotes, deer and antelope play, waking to the call of turkeys in the brush... what an Adventure. We visited many sights along the way, including a few off the beaten path.

One of the neighbors from our Home Away from Home.

If you want to visit someplace out of the way, someplace that's Retro Kitsch, then Carhenge is definitely the place for you.

Hmmm... didn't Dad used to own that car??

Yes, this is a genuine authentic Native American rendition of the fabled "Muffler Man." You have not truely experienced the thrill of exploring the highways and biways until you've encountered one of these prehistoric relics of a bygone age.

August 3, 2009

Family Vacation!

Look out! We're on the road for the week

Souvenir shops, tourist traps, the wild outdoors... Here We Come!

July 18, 2009

July "Atomic Pad of the Month"

Mar Vista, originally uploaded by bondolou.

"Mar Vista" oil on panel by Rick Monzon

Thanks to Mr. Monzon for showcasing this atomic pad on the Atomic Living group @ flickr.

July 6, 2009

My Interests?

I'm mostly interested in sitting in my comfortable easy chair, wearing my satin smoking jacket and fez cap and sipping on a tall refreshing glass of warm Dr. Pepper while watching Junior chase his tail around and around on the living room carpet.

What? you say that's not Junior doing that?

My bad :P

July 2, 2009

Ode to an Old Couch

After three weeks on Craigslist she finally sold. In honor of my old couch's passage to a new owner, I penned this here ode:

You are an old couch
you're cushions are weary with age
Many bodies, writhing and contorted have sought comfort
in your billowy foam-filled arms
You gave ease to the many masses, the tired and weary
the family and friends who made themselves at home
they came to you, over and over
And you never let them down
not even for the occasional sleep-over
the hours and the lifetimes
you were a part of
and now we must part
aged, you are still strong
stained and torn, you still have yet much to give
another stranger, another friend,
another soul looking for comfort and rest
in your billowy foam-filled arms.
To a new house, a new home, I will soon sit in you no more
but I will remember
my old couch.

June 18, 2009

Wrought Iron Stand

Wrought Iron Stand, originally uploaded by Space Commander.

I've always had a weakness for Modern wrought iron furniture. I picked this up earlier this week for just $10.

... now if I could only figure out just where to put it to use.

June 17, 2009

Hip to the Jive Cats

Here's the mewest addition - my two ultra cool cats are ready to greet any and all honored guests to the pad. The vintage metal wall plaques were made by Sexton, they are as classic an example of 50's feline art as you can get. These two hip & happening Siamese cats have gold collars and a woodtone finish.

I know, I know... I'm breaking the most basic of the retro decorating rules - Groups of Three." But my set is missing the third smallest figure of the complete group. And I think these two alone fill out their narrow wall space quite nicely. Besides, the other most basic rule of No Clutter is no less dog-matic (err... pardon the pun) to each and every follower of modern style, is it?

My cats are slightly scruffy from age... they could get a breath of new life (one of their Nine lives, perhaps?) Aside from a tin of tuna or a saucer of milk, maybe a sleek smooth coat of satin-finish black paint is just the thing they yearn for?

50's Blonde Cabinet on eBay

This is one I probably will regret not going for. I just don't know where I'd put it!

Nice angled styling, with great leg structure on both sides. Two glass sliding doors with glass shelf on interior. Channeled groove on bottom shelf. Possibly was originally a china cabinet top for a buffet, but works very well independently as a small bookshelf or cabinet.50's Blonde Cabinet

This item is being auctioned by the Modern Line.

June 16, 2009

What Lies Beneath

Please Excuse Me While I Have to Go Cry

I decided to go through with it. Today I pulled up the living room carpeting. This was it, the big moment, the Big Reveal.

I already had a preview of what lies beneath the hallway carpeting. With some relief I found the flooring there was in fine shape. Some cleaning and filling would be all it needed before refinishing. But I was really dreading what lurked under our living room. Now that the walls are freshly painted, it was time. I started peeling the old blue carpeting back, beginning at the front window.

The flooring was decidedly worse than what I'd hoped for...

This might be a worse nightmare than the bathroom...


June 15, 2009

Alvar Aalto Vase Competition

Here's one that is too easy to pass up. is holding a drawing for an authentic Alvar Aalto "Savoy" vase, valued at $145. This competition is open to everyone, and its easy. Just enter a few short bits of information, including how many people you've told about Lushpad, and hit the enter button. That's all there is to it.

Enter HERE - and Good Luck!

June "Atomic Pad of the Month"

1953 Modern, originally uploaded by Space Commander.

Womb chair and floor to ceiling windows.... catch me, I may swoon!

Kitchen Tile Back Splash

This I like.

I like it enough that I would replicate this in my own unfinished kitchen. The mosaic pattern in late 50's-early 60's 1" tiles would be absolutely appropriate in our little ranch.

Even the colors are perfect-o!

If only I could find a source for tile just like these... who makes the small 1/2 inch size anymore?

"Z" Chairs on eBay

Two "Z" Walnut Danish Lounge Chair Mid Century Modern Eames.

You'll see these chairs quite often on the auctions. Easy on the eyes and the body. I like 'em.

This pair is offered by Re-Mod Control

June 12, 2009

Meet the New Lounge Chair

It was only a chance side trip I made to the Salvation Army. I wasn't going to buy anything, honest. But there was this one chair, and it had just come in that same day...

It's not all-out Danish Modern. It's not all swooping shapes with parabolic curves. And it sure isn't my dream chair. But, once again, its a Kroehler, and in awesome condition. A little wear on the seat cushion's ribbing is the only issue I could spot.

So, opportunity knocked, it wasn't necessarily what I was looking for, but still it whispered and it spoke to me. Maybe its all the boomerang angles that makes up its shape - but it definitely has a mid-century modern look that grows on you. The price tag was the best part - cheap cheap cheap!

Our living room aka conversation pit is coming together more quickly than expected. Work on the newly painted walls is almost all done too. The old blue loveset is gone, and the hideaway bed/sofa is on Craigslist waiting for a new home.

Looks like Pop has already lost the new seating to Junior before it even has time to gather dust. Well, only one thing to do... better start hunting for a second lounge.

June 9, 2009

What We Watch - Father Knows Best, Season 3

The Emmy-winning series is back with Season 3. Father Knows Best premiered on CBS in October 1954 and ran for six successful seasons, earning six Emmy Awards from 14 Emmy nominations. This beloved family drama has become part of the American pop culture and continues to find new generations of fans. 37 classic uncut episodes with televisions premier sitcom family.

More details at

June 8, 2009

Meet the New Sofa

So, she's not exactly a Zanuso. But she is a '59 Kroehler, and the original fabric is intact. She floats a magnificent 6 inches above the floor on her thin tapered legs. She's long, linear and her slim profile takes up only a minimum of space. She's just what this small living room has been begging so long for.

I came across her on Craigslist the previous night. The timing couldn't have been more awkward. Right now the livingroom is a bit unnavigatable with the walls getting fresh paint over the weekend. The weather was threatening too. With heavy storm clouds looming I rushed over to the seller's residence and brought her home before the rain drops started, and with under an hour to spare before I had to be at work. Whew!

So, she's not a Zanuso. So, she needs new foam cushions. So, she could be reupholstered in some nubbly fabric a bit more to my taste. For now the hunt is over - we finally have our new mid-century modern couch.

PS. Say goodbye to the wall-to-wall-to-ceiling blues. The living room is being adorned in fresh "Whispering Pine" paint with white trim.

June 1, 2009

Tastee Inn Drive-Thru

Tastee Inn Drive-Thru, originally uploaded by Space Commander.

This landmark endures in Lincoln, Nebraska. One of the first drive-thru's, featuring the world famous Tastee Burger! The place has changed little in 50+ years. There's a car port off the main building and the pick-up window is on the passenger side.

The secret of eating Tastees is not to eat them right away. Let them sit in the bag and wait about 10 minutes. Then try this simple test - pick up the bag. If the grease from the burgers causes the bottom to rip and the burgers fall out, then you know your Tastees are ready :)

And don't forget an order of onion rings!

Zanuso Sofa on eBay!

The Italian furniture designer Zanuso is rarely seen in this country. His painter's pallette-sided chairs are Gold. His sofas are even rarer. The '59 Cadillac of Sofas for Arflex, Italy, this very very very very rare Zanuso curved sofa circa 1951 (did I mention that an item like this is a once in a lifetime deal?) can now be your's for just 75 grand.

Sheesh, my house is valued at 75.

At least the shipping is free :)

The seller is also offering a Set of Six George Nelson Chairs In Knoll Fabric ($2,250.00) and a shot of a classic Zanuso chair below (not for sale).

Aside from all that, who can't resist gawking at the ultra-lush-pad-thing going on in these pics!

May 28, 2009

Atomic Pad of the Month

1953 Modern, originally uploaded by Space Commander.

Well umm, assuming if we actually featured a "pad of the month" as a regular feature, I'm absolutely sure this would be a natural pick!

1953 Modern: cowhide rug, sling chair, linear sofa, wall sized drapery, pole-mounted artwork... this room has it all.

May 27, 2009

Danish Lounge Chair on eBay

This one immediately caught me. Though I treated her as a infatuated whim at first, she whispered and she spoke to me. So I bid on her, her ebony laquered arms and legs, the supple form of her spring-filled cushions, and the promise she held at the end of a long weary day. Yes, I bid on her, and while I went to my job, dreaming happily of coming home one day to lounge in my very own Danish Modern easy chair of stylish comfort, some one else had the same idea as I and took her away from me. Which makes me come to the conclusion that I wish I had a normal 9-5 job so that my dreams couldn't be taken away from me again...

... not at least while I off to work.
This auction was offered by The Modern Line.

Pearsall/Craft Assoc. Sofa on eBay

Still on my never-ending quest, forever searching for the crowning jewel of any respectible man's retro-lounge-hep-cat-bach-pad. And I found this. Just a tad outside my budget, but I can still enjoy looking at those lines on the arms and back rest, and those narrow long legs make it all float on air.

Adrian Pearsall Craft Sofa Reupholstered Restored Eames This is being auctioned by All Nines.

May 26, 2009

A-Frame Beach Cabin

Designed by Dr. David T. Hellyer

May 25, 2009

Wall Unit Bookcase on eBay

Mo Moderne always has something appealing on hand. *Sigh*.... I need one of these...

Room Divider/Wall Unit/Bookcase/

May 24, 2009

Bathroom Retrovation Update

Has it been 3 months already since we started this?
Are we done yet? Are we done yet? How 'bout now?

Yes, its been 3 months. Tile work for the new shower stall is complete! 80% of the walls and some rotted studs around the tub were ripped out and replaced. The plumbing was also a joy (after days of trying to find why replacement parts weren't fixing a leak). The old faucet knobs went back on for now while the hunt for a retro matching Hot/Cold/Shower set continues.

Just to give a moral boost to the project, the old lavender paint is now history as well (Thank Goodness). The tangerine color makes the north facing bathroom pop and sits well with the neutral gray tile and aqua furnishings. Not so much Moderne, but very 50's feeling.

New lighting has been installed. A fixture that Home Depot offers is just like those found in every one's bathroom when I was a kid. Thanks to Retro Renovation for putting me onto that.

I found a little white metal medicine cabinet that fit nicely into my tight budget, only $20. The side shelves allow for some display - which is always a good thing. Until a cabinet like the original bath had is found, this is it.

Up next - removal of another eyesore, a deteriorated 1980's sink & cabinet. Looking for its successor, I've found some pretty interesting vintage sinks, including an aqua-colored pair at salvage place. One of these had a built-in faucet molded right into the sink... hmmmm. As much as "going totally 50's" appeals to me, none I found would do. Menards has a simple white hang-on-the wall version that comes close to the bath's original, if a bit sleeker.

And then the rest of the tile work continues...

May 23, 2009

No Need To Buy An Eggbeater to Keep Cool... Buy Vornado

Electric Fan-tasies

"A Fan of Fans"
"Whatever Tickles Your Fan-cy"
"Cool Fans = Warm Heart"

My electric fans are like my chairs, lamps, film cameras, tube radios... uhh, you get the idea... I've managed to accumulate an assortment and they're all over the pad. Whats worse is I seem to have this inexplicable need to accumulate more (possibly encouraged by the fact that were topping-out near 90 degrees all this weekend). Anyways, here's the run-down of some of my fave mid-century electrical cooling appliances which will help make these dog-days of summer more bearable.

1. Vornado Ball Fan
Oh, if I had the room I might buy the one I saw w/ tripod legs at my favorite shop. Maybe I should get it anyway?

Vornado Table Fan
Originally uploaded by sharpknees

2. Vornado Table Fan
This is quite possibly one of the oddest oddballs I've seen, which instantly means I like it!

You can tilt the fan face up, down, point it at your dog, or directly straight upward at the tabletop deflector.

3. Spartan Box Fan
This little baby kicks out a veritable tornado of cool breezes. Mine's been doing it for 60 years and hasn't skipped a beat yet...Yessiree, Good ol' American engineering!

4. Various Oscillating Fans
No list of Fifties fans would be complete without the ubiquitous Oscillaters. These little fellas just buzz right along, looking this way and that, making sure everyone in every corner of the room is touched by a refreshing breeze.

Just be sure that Junior keeps his fingers out of the blade guard!

5. Window Fan
Remember these? My grandpa had one in his bedroom for as long as I could remember, which was later passed-along to me. It got the job done splendidly, if you didn't mind that the thing had a tendency to drown out any audible speech within a 50 foot radius and obliterate anything which wasn't nailed down when switched into high gear.

May 22, 2009

Summer Has Arrived - its Friki Tiki Time

Tiki w / Bubble shade lamp
Originally uploaded by gtykal
Memorial Day Weekend is finally here! It's time to roll out the bamboo furniture to the patio, open up your grass umbrella, inflate the kiddy pool and poor a very tall cool glass of your favorite beverage.

Its also an excellent time to go garage sale-ing, in which I hope to unload a great bunch of my overburdened clutter on the general public in our humble ranch's very own driveway. Stop by, and Buy! Buy! Buy!

1949 Cosco Step Stool

More on our ubiquitous Cosco step ladder. You didn't have a properly outfitted kitchen unless one of these were in it. My mom had one. My grandma had one. What more authority do I need than that?

This ad came from Better Homes and Gardens.

May 21, 2009

Atomic Mower on eBay

Hurry! It's going soon! Vintage Retro Sunbeam Electric Lawn Mower Eames Era

Seaside Summer House

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