June 8, 2009

Meet the New Sofa

So, she's not exactly a Zanuso. But she is a '59 Kroehler, and the original fabric is intact. She floats a magnificent 6 inches above the floor on her thin tapered legs. She's long, linear and her slim profile takes up only a minimum of space. She's just what this small living room has been begging so long for.

I came across her on Craigslist the previous night. The timing couldn't have been more awkward. Right now the livingroom is a bit unnavigatable with the walls getting fresh paint over the weekend. The weather was threatening too. With heavy storm clouds looming I rushed over to the seller's residence and brought her home before the rain drops started, and with under an hour to spare before I had to be at work. Whew!

So, she's not a Zanuso. So, she needs new foam cushions. So, she could be reupholstered in some nubbly fabric a bit more to my taste. For now the hunt is over - we finally have our new mid-century modern couch.

PS. Say goodbye to the wall-to-wall-to-ceiling blues. The living room is being adorned in fresh "Whispering Pine" paint with white trim.

1 comment:

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

I am just now realizing that my grandparents had a couch from this era...nubby material and everything. I need to go search out pictures of it.

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