July 18, 2009

July "Atomic Pad of the Month"

Mar Vista, originally uploaded by bondolou.

"Mar Vista" oil on panel by Rick Monzon

Thanks to Mr. Monzon for showcasing this atomic pad on the Atomic Living group @ flickr.

July 6, 2009

My Interests?

I'm mostly interested in sitting in my comfortable easy chair, wearing my satin smoking jacket and fez cap and sipping on a tall refreshing glass of warm Dr. Pepper while watching Junior chase his tail around and around on the living room carpet.

What? you say that's not Junior doing that?

My bad :P

July 2, 2009

Ode to an Old Couch

After three weeks on Craigslist she finally sold. In honor of my old couch's passage to a new owner, I penned this here ode:

You are an old couch
you're cushions are weary with age
Many bodies, writhing and contorted have sought comfort
in your billowy foam-filled arms
You gave ease to the many masses, the tired and weary
the family and friends who made themselves at home
they came to you, over and over
And you never let them down
not even for the occasional sleep-over
the hours and the lifetimes
you were a part of
and now we must part
aged, you are still strong
stained and torn, you still have yet much to give
another stranger, another friend,
another soul looking for comfort and rest
in your billowy foam-filled arms.
To a new house, a new home, I will soon sit in you no more
but I will remember
my old couch.
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