June 17, 2009

Hip to the Jive Cats

Here's the mewest addition - my two ultra cool cats are ready to greet any and all honored guests to the pad. The vintage metal wall plaques were made by Sexton, they are as classic an example of 50's feline art as you can get. These two hip & happening Siamese cats have gold collars and a woodtone finish.

I know, I know... I'm breaking the most basic of the retro decorating rules - Groups of Three." But my set is missing the third smallest figure of the complete group. And I think these two alone fill out their narrow wall space quite nicely. Besides, the other most basic rule of No Clutter is no less dog-matic (err... pardon the pun) to each and every follower of modern style, is it?

My cats are slightly scruffy from age... they could get a breath of new life (one of their Nine lives, perhaps?) Aside from a tin of tuna or a saucer of milk, maybe a sleek smooth coat of satin-finish black paint is just the thing they yearn for?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

After seeing your find I did some searching and found a set of 3 on eBay that I eventually got for about $35. can't wait to strip off the obnoxious GOLD someone covered them with and class them up with some satin black.

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