August 11, 2009

Some Things Just Never Get Dated

The American Vacation. A time honored and tested tradition. And by golly, isn't it the constitutional right of every American to set forth this time of year to experience this country for all it has to offer, crammed into one magnificent week, spending hours upon hours of mind-numbing travel in a tightly-packed vehicle of questionable road-worthiness!

After a week of roughing it in the Great American Wilderness in our little tent, we're back home. Sleeping bags, campfire cookouts and hotdogs, rain sprinkles that turn into showers, sleeping where the wild buffalo, coyotes, deer and antelope play, waking to the call of turkeys in the brush... what an Adventure. We visited many sights along the way, including a few off the beaten path.

One of the neighbors from our Home Away from Home.

If you want to visit someplace out of the way, someplace that's Retro Kitsch, then Carhenge is definitely the place for you.

Hmmm... didn't Dad used to own that car??

Yes, this is a genuine authentic Native American rendition of the fabled "Muffler Man." You have not truely experienced the thrill of exploring the highways and biways until you've encountered one of these prehistoric relics of a bygone age.

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