May 23, 2009

Electric Fan-tasies

"A Fan of Fans"
"Whatever Tickles Your Fan-cy"
"Cool Fans = Warm Heart"

My electric fans are like my chairs, lamps, film cameras, tube radios... uhh, you get the idea... I've managed to accumulate an assortment and they're all over the pad. Whats worse is I seem to have this inexplicable need to accumulate more (possibly encouraged by the fact that were topping-out near 90 degrees all this weekend). Anyways, here's the run-down of some of my fave mid-century electrical cooling appliances which will help make these dog-days of summer more bearable.

1. Vornado Ball Fan
Oh, if I had the room I might buy the one I saw w/ tripod legs at my favorite shop. Maybe I should get it anyway?

Vornado Table Fan
Originally uploaded by sharpknees

2. Vornado Table Fan
This is quite possibly one of the oddest oddballs I've seen, which instantly means I like it!

You can tilt the fan face up, down, point it at your dog, or directly straight upward at the tabletop deflector.

3. Spartan Box Fan
This little baby kicks out a veritable tornado of cool breezes. Mine's been doing it for 60 years and hasn't skipped a beat yet...Yessiree, Good ol' American engineering!

4. Various Oscillating Fans
No list of Fifties fans would be complete without the ubiquitous Oscillaters. These little fellas just buzz right along, looking this way and that, making sure everyone in every corner of the room is touched by a refreshing breeze.

Just be sure that Junior keeps his fingers out of the blade guard!

5. Window Fan
Remember these? My grandpa had one in his bedroom for as long as I could remember, which was later passed-along to me. It got the job done splendidly, if you didn't mind that the thing had a tendency to drown out any audible speech within a 50 foot radius and obliterate anything which wasn't nailed down when switched into high gear.

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