May 13, 2009

But I wouldn't want to live there ...

re•tro-life•styler : Any individual who appreciates a previous era, such as the 1950's. Not only does the individual appreciate it, but loves it enough to adapt it into their everyday current life.

I love mid-century modern design. I love collecting items (space toys, decor) from that decade. I love the tv programs and movies from that era. I even like reading old science fiction paperbacks. The sheer exuberence, forward-thinking into the future and the optimism of the time, it all carried into so many aspects that went into products sold to consumers, which we can appreciate today.

So there you have a definition of what I mean by a retro lifestyler.

Do I love everything about the fifties? Nope. Nada. No way, Jose' I'm a child of my time. If a time machine were to transport back and drop me off, the culture shock would be so great I doubt if I'd ever truely go native and fully adapt.

After all, as a kid I did want to grow up and live in one of those futuristic push-button homes that you always heard about (George Jetson's pad had a definite 50's flavor, didn't it?).

The Fifties - It might be a fun place to visit, but (for me anyway) I wouldn't want to live there ;)

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