May 14, 2009

Danish Modern Swag Lamp

Here I was brooding over the fact I couldn't find the right lighting to hang in the living room when I ran across this fine example of Danish Modern at the Nest, one of my fave shops lately. They always have forward-thinking items.

Today was a day for finding deals. At another shop I found a brushed-aluminum flying saucer pull-down kitchen light (like this one at Retro Renovation). My kitchen's original lighting was a pull-down. But do I want true to the original, or to go with new pendant lights? Home Depot's offerings of retro lighting with glass or metal-cone shades are pretty tempting. And then there's that Sputnik Light at Bella Modern that keeps calling to me from the background...

Decisions, decisions.

Out of curiosity I looked up an identical Danish lamp on eBay, and found that their's was being offered for over $200 smackers. My aquisition only put me back for the amount as the other's shipping charge - Go me!

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