May 13, 2009

Rex Ray

Retro Artist for Today


I saw this print come into the store four months ago and sell out in a week. More came in, time passed, but I kept gravitating to this print. I can't explain it, I just like it, except to say Art is a personal thing. It speaks to me... "take me home!" so that's exactly what I did.

According to his biography, Rex Ray is a San Francisco based fine artist whose paintings and drawings have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums. He is also a celebrated graphic designer. His highly collectible artwork is coveted in design as well as art circles. Abstract and handcrafted, with a retro-futuristic mid-century feel, Rex Ray's meditations on fluid forms are a rare combination of sophistication and decorative appeal.

You can strive to be totally Fifties in your decor, but I think you lose out on whats to come, the exciting, and the looking ahead that made up so much of the Modern movement. Don't lose track by looking back. Pull in something brand new among the vintage.

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