May 12, 2009

What We Watch - Sid Caesar

There have been a number of Sid Caesar releases out for awhile, but I just watched this one again. Like everything else, I used to watch the "Best of Your Show of Shows" when it was in syndication, usually with me doubled over from laughing so hard. Sid's timing and facial expressions make him timeless. It's no wonder why he is a pioneer of television.

One of my favorite ongoing skits was Sid's slant on a modern atomic age couple in "the Commuters." The first offering on the dvd is "Nan Hires a Maid" where wife Nan (Nanette Fabray) has had enough of picking up after hubby Sid's slovenly ways and hires blond-headed, Brooklyn-tounged bombshell to be the new house-keeper. It isn't long before mayhem erupts, Sid Caesar style.

...And the "au courant" home set isn't half bad either.

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