January 1, 2012

Thrive to Survive

Today the world greets a new year... with an undercurrent of Uncertainty. Fear. Unrest. Monumental shifts in world powers. In America, our own government is seen to be out of control and the People are bearing its oppressive weight. More spending and rules, less and less freedom. Who could have imagined only a few years ago that as of today, January 1st, Edison's world-shaping invention, the ubiquitous electric filament light bulb is now declared officially off limits! Did the Mayans know something we didn't foresee? Are their predictions, that this year of 2012 the entire world would come to a great climatic "lights out," actually coming true???

What a different age we live in compared to some 60 years ago. But still, we can relate to the tinge of fear that pervaded a society that was determined to survive and thrive. Here's one public service film from those whirlwinds-of-changing times, and their own predictions for surviving the threat from atomic fall-out in mid century America:

Hopefully Congress's plans to regulate the Internet has been held off long enough for me to share this link with you tonight. And that you enjoyed checking out some of the modern living homes featured in this short as well!

And, government-willing, I shall thwart the Mayan predictions
by returning with yet another installment ...

This has been another bulletin from
Atomic Living's Emergency Broadcast System for

Please tune in again - Same Atomic time - same Atomic channel!


Moxie Tonic said...

Thought you would get a kick out of the photos of this mine turned fall-out shelter in California: 'Palin' mine

Space Commander said...

Moxie, sure hope those Survival Ration biscuits are still keeping fresh after all these years!

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