May 18, 2010

In the Headlines - "Look to the Skies!"

Yes, the Invasion has begun! But being the resourceful humans that we are, we're ready and waiting (and some of us might even make a profit in the process).

They're Out There

They're out there. Yes, and our Armed Forces are out there too, at the forefront as always. Plunging forward to where no man has gone before.

Women Love a Man Who See Objects in the Sky
And it's been scientifically proven -- Women love a man who sees strange glowing objects in the night sky.

Has anyone seen the missing hubcap from my Olds?
Has any one seen the missing hubcap from my Olds???

- - -

All images taken from the Fawcett publication "Mysteries of Other Worlds Revealed" published in 1953. This magazine along with another "The Complete Book of Outer Space" were passed down to me by Dad at the impressionable age of six or seven. And by golly, what an impression they made, sparking off a lifelong passion for all things in Outer Space and Beyond!

Be sure to come back for more tomorrow... it's "Flying Saucer Hysteria Week," only on Atomic Living!

1 comment:

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

lol @ Olds hub cap...

But you have to admit, modern movies like "Contact" are freakin' awesome too =D

Now why don't those aliens ever get more sophisticated as movie-making gets better?

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