May 10, 2010

DeluxeVille's 400 Follower Giveaway"

Holy Hysteria Batman!

I was suffering from blogger's block, with nothing new, cool or hip-happening exciting to write about... then I ran across this announcement:

~Welcome to DeluxeVille~: 400 Follower Giveaway"

Congratulations! DeluxeVille has reached 400 followers, and to celebrate she's announced the Great Vintage Lamp Giveaway!

(psssst.... the prize is the little ceramic beauty pictured to the left. Hurry before she comes to her senses, Time's wasting! The contest is open to anyone who reads DeluxeVille's blog. To participate you have until May 16th to enter... can she really be serious? Somebody pinch me!)

Here at Atomic Living, we pledge to keep you updated on the latest headline making developments to this fast breaking story... Tune in tomorrow! Same atomic time! Same atomic channel!!

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