May 15, 2010

Atomic Pad of the Month: May

1950 ... hollywood swank, originally uploaded by x-ray delta one.

For months now I've gotten out of the routine of doing this, and its high time I started it up again.

Yes, It's back!! Its time to announce the latest Atomic Pad of the Month. May I have the winning envelope please? And the winner for the month of May is:
"1950 ... Hollywood Swank" from x-ray delta one!

Many shades of gray and vivid burning red - No can do it quite like Hollywood can. All that's missing is Panavision!

By the way, is that shag growing on that chair to the left??


MoonDoggie said...

This looks so cosy - in a stylish way of course. Wish I was there.
Loving the new banner, by the way (new to me at least).

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Love it.

I keep meaning to do a list of movies with mid-century interiors.

Now what was the name of that 1950's movie with Judy Garland with singing and such in it? A Star Is Born. She had great interior. So did Auntie Mame who kept changing her interior as the decades went by. Her mid-century one was freakin' awesome. =D

Space Commander said...

Thanks MoonDoggie!

I remember the Auntie Mame one, it WAS awesome ;) Ohhh, there's tons of movies to add to that list! Remember the cliffside penthouse in Hitchcock's "North By Northwest"? I recorded that off of TCM just to see that place again and again.

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