May 28, 2010


Atomic Boomerang glassware! I feel like partying already!

hmmmm... One very laid-back Fifties clock, rounded edges... and I like the hands.

Hey! It's Ralph's bowling ball bag and bowling ball (inside the bowling ball bag)!

Anthropomorphic ware always looks good in the kitchen... but I don't know...

Yes, its a Lincoln Beautyware papertowel/foil/wax paper organizer. I must have this because I'm all about being better organized... plus it looks kinda spiffy :)

"Oh my darling Chrome Chair, *sigh* We can't go on meeting like this again!"
What will the neighbors think? Why must you lure me in so?... always begging for me to take you with me, when I already have a kitchenette set at home to think of.


Atomic Mama said...

i would buy it all...eventually!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

WOW! Only $22 for that sweet jadeite green kitchen clock? Holy smokes! I had one in beige but had to sell it on eBay when times were tough.

How much for that chair? The prices seem VERY reasonable in that shop. Around here they pump up the price by 5-20X what you see on eBay. It's insane. Which is why I buy so much on eBay!

Space Commander said...

I don't think the mid century demand has caught on around here, plus a lot of shops went out of busness over the past year. Furniture is really hard to find. The few dealers who know what they have will really mark it up!

The chair was $39... Super cheap!

Amber Von Felts said...

That chair reminds me of a shower chair...Either that comment will deter you from buying it or you'll get it and put it in the shower...LOL!

I featured your blog over on I.H.E, you may already know that but if not, check it out!

Space Commander said...

Thank you SO much Amber!!! Now I have to steal your phrase "Man-styled Atomic Life!" ;D

*still "ewww-ing" over the shower chair idea stuck in my mind* =X

Maggi said...

Gimme gimme gimme! I want it all! lol :D

Straight Talking Mama! said...

$39 for the chair, BUY IT! Then ship it to me in the UK ;o) Only kidding! Boy do I wish I could find atomic glassware in the UK, I don't see it anywhere, it's impossible.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...


I went to one antique place about 10 years ago that had a booth featuring mid-century stuff.

It. Was. Insane.

Prices were waaaaay over the top. It was laughable, and I didn't even specifically collect mid-century at the time but I laughed as I looked at the price tags.

Best deal I got on my green crushed ice formica and chrome kitchen table and 4 chairs was $400 (on sale) in an antique shop, to give you an idea (this was again, about 10 years ago). Mid-century simply does not sell cheap here because CA is such a transitory state. All the good stuff was sold off when Mom and Pop retired to Palm Springs 20 years ago.

Space Commander said...

Mama, sounds like everyone doesn't want to let go of their valuable collections there! From what I've seen on eBay, there's plenty of atomic UK goodies that I'd love to see available over here too ;)

Atomic Ranch, you need to move out of CA!

I did get the kitchen organizer that day... now there's pink/black, red/white, and turquoise/brass mixing it up in one kitchen ;P

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

The UK mid-century goodies are interesting. They have their own style to be sure. But I always assume s/h will be too high, so I tend to skip those over (maybe I have been missing out?).

Yes, mix up the colors. Or be hyper-critical like me and make yourself crazy trying to match everything Muahahahahaaaaa

Mick said...

Oh my Gosh! Look at those turquoise and gold boomerang glasses! Iv been trying to collect a set of 16 and ahve 10 of the tumblers, I never knew those pieces in the first picture exsisted! I saw you followed my blog, thanks for that! I followed right back on your nice ot meet ya.

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