May 4, 2010

Atomic Pic of the Day!


Ha! Don't you just love going through the old family albums? There's so much that's good blackmail material in there! This goodie is of Brother Dear back around the mid 50's, when a boy would never be caught without at least one trusty cap gun.

Speaking of guns, Junior was kept after school today because he had done a big No-no. What did he do? He was playing with his buddies during recess and was caught using his hand for a make-believe pistol on school property. My, how far today's society has progressed in the age of correctness :P

Needless to say, Junior was very upset by the whole ordeal and had a hard time grasping the reasoning behind the bullying he received from the school system. I gave him some honest advice: when in school, as anyplace else, you have to follow their rules. No need to go into their logic why, because it simply doesn't apply to him or 99.9% of all boys. As far as I'm concerned, a boy is after all a boy, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I wish Society could act mature enough to accept this.

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