May 16, 2010

The Little Fugitive (1953)

The Little Fugitive (1953) starring Richie Andrusco and Rickie Brewster, a film by Morris Engle, Ruth Orkin and Ray Ashley - Today we're revisiting one of my early posts so as to update with more information. Plus I wanted an excuse to blog about it again...

This movie was a ground breaker, no Hollywood flash here. It was pure, honest, and almost shocking for it's simplicity of realistic storytelling. Imagine a photographer following a real-life boy around for a day, with no script and no dramatized dialog. In fact most of what you see are real-life working-class people in Brooklyn and Coney Island, shot unobserved as they went on with their daily lives. But there is a story here, there's adventure, and there is drama. And the black and white photography, with all it's interwoven vignettes on real life living, is mesmerizing, captivating and unforgettable.

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