May 3, 2010

All's Right With the World Again

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Yippee! It came in the mail today! Finally, finally, finally I got the newest DVD release from the Father Knows Best series after ordering a copy through eBay. I posted about this about a month ago, when I couldn't find it locally.

Just for your info, if you're not already aware, I've been a tad bit of a rabid fan of Father Knows Best since way back in high school. For instance, the poem that Bud is supposed to learn, called "The Game of Life" I've been reciting since, well, far too long according to some. Bud plays for the Springfield Peewees along with his pal, Claude Mesner. Kathy's scout troop is named the Little Squaws, and in the radio version of the series she had her own club called the Little Vultures. Kathy's also a bit of a tomboy and hangs around with Patty Davis. Did you also know that Betty's ponytail through most of the first three seasons wasn't actually real? Betty's co-conspirators are Dotty Snow and Janey Little. Mother Anderson is almost always seen at some point in each episode preparing a meal in the kitchen. And Father works for the very seldom mentioned Cavalier Insurance Company.

Speaking of way back when, I haven't seen reruns of the episodes from Season Four since CBN/Family Channel stopped running these... Excuse me, but I have to lounge in front of the television for the next couple of days to get reacquainted!

In the meantime, enjoy this full episode from Season One entitled "Typical Father"...

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