May 29, 2010

Assignment: You Choose

Today I have a test for you. Don't worry, this involves nothing painful like a poke with a needle by a student nurse or reciting the Gettysburg Address while nasty children throw rotten tomatoes at you.

All that I'm asking is for you to pick just one of the following examples that you like best, and a short explanation why.

Now remember, I want to see your report on my desk first thing in the morning. If you do well on your homework, I may dismiss you for an early recess. But if you score poorly, you may be kept after school (along with those nasty kids who were caught tossing the tomatoes).

After all, I only said this wasn't painful... I didn't say there weren't any consequences. :D

Danish Modern Pole Lamp - $85

A Very Fifties-looking Sofa - $300

A Blonde Standing Trunk (Junior could store a lot of his horde in there) - $65

Spun Steel Soda Fountain Dessert Cup Holders - $22

Unique Vinyl-Covered Shell Chair - $175

Mid-Century Wrought Iron Bar Stool
Wrought Iron Bar Stool - $75

Mid-Century Doctor's Steel Desk
Steel Doctor's Desk - $250

Admiral? Television Set
Admiral? Television Set - Not for Sale... booo!


Uncle Atom said...

Ahh, this is a trick question, isn't it? Glad you included the prices. If only the sofa had a matching chair; if only the bar stool had a twin or three siblings. My pick is the pole lamp - it will work in a lot of settings, it's got great lines, and it's just very cool. I have one a lot like it too.

Midcenturymadam said...

I'm a lamp junkie so I'd have to second Uncle Atom's vote, the pole lamp.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh hell, stop torturing yourself and get them all ha ha.

OK, being the PRACTICAL mid-century gal that I am, I usually go with "need."

That couch is a soooweeet deal at $300, but do you need it or do you have a vintage couch already? If you NEED one, snag it.

Cabinets, desks and chairs are fairly common, as are the cups.

But the pole light serves two functions that the others don't:

It provides light (and I'm all for that, it's useful lol) and it's the only thing among the rest that would stand out as "MID-CENTURY" on first glance to the casual eye.

Is that the look you want to most convey?

By the way, did you notice the cool green chair next to the steel desk?

Oops, got distracted hee hee.

So, this is my report. Not quite 500 words but full of wisdom (or crap har!).

Space Commander said...

Ohhh, don't you just hate trick questions???

There's something about that big ol' couch, isn't there? And the bar stool does have a few sisters, (sadly they're fraternal twins without the back).

Now about that pole lamp... my bet's on it (but you didn't read that!) Anyway, you can't really have too many lamps, can you?

Space Commander said...

"Oh hell, stop torturing yourself and get them all ha ha."

Atomic Ranch....... you're not helping here :P lol

Anyways, this is supposed to be a hypothetical discussion about what YOU would choose, not on what I need. However.... you do get bonus points for submitting over 300 words *smirk*

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...


I'd go with the lamp ONLY because being the purist I am, I need a couch in charcoal gray or black. =)

And as I said, chairs and cabinets are common enough to find on a regular basis.

Unless it's that kitchen chair you keep teasing us with ;)

Missouri Michael said...

I LOVE the sofa. Maybe it's because I've been looking for one that style...I have two chairs that would go with it well, and I've been waiting for the retro gods to send the right sofa my way to finish the bedroom to den conversion. Plus, look at those beautiful lines! Who wouldn't love it?

Space Commander said...

Michael, the sofa definitely has some lines in the right places... I'm almost sorry it didn't show up a year ago when I needed one. Good luck with your hunt!

Atomic Ranch, the thing to do if you're a true purist is buy the couch and have it rehupolstered in the perfect matching fabric :D

(...if I let that kitchen chair get away, you're never gonna let me live it down, are ya?)

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh sure, and the fabric would cost 10X the price of the couch =P Remember, we're talking fru fru shee shee southern CA here ha ha.

Chair says: "Buuuuy MeeEEEeeeeee BUY MEEEEEEE" lol...

Doc Atomic said...

The lamp, because I need one and it fits in my apartment. Beyond practical considerations, I love the way it looks. Simple, elegant, spacey enough to evoke the era, and future eras (that never quite existed).

I also like the TV, but I'm not sure where I'd put it.

Sudha said...

being jobless right now..budget is i choose the Standing trunk.we can never have enough storage right!! :L)

Atomic Mama said...

Get the blonde trunk. Its multifunctional. Its nice to look at and you can put lots of stuff inside. Plus theres always other blonde furniture that can be found to go with it.

Doc Atomic said...

Ah... For you! Okay, in that case, there's a lot of good reasons to have a trunk like that, especially if you've got a Junior. Storage storage storage! I know I could certainly use some... It looks good, too, so you're not sacrificing style for functionality. And the top provides a nice area to display other items -- always a bonus.

Good luck!

Space Commander said...

"Simple, elegant, spacey enough to evoke the era, and future eras (that never quite existed). "

Bonus points to Doc for his pole lamp description!!

Sudha and Mama, I can never have enough storage either...

Thanks for your participation Every one! I always like to hear people's reasoning behind the items they choose. +A's for all, and class is dismissed!

Perry said...

I vote for the pole lamp, but I'm biased since we already have the same one.

Space Commander said...

Perry, you have excellent taste in home lighting.

Amber Von Felts said...

Looks like I may have come to class a little late today! I swear I have a good excuse, uh my car broke down...and then my dog ate my homework and I have chicken pox! Yeah, so sorry I'm tardy, but my initial feeling would have been to go with the lamp but that's cuz I have one nearly exactly the same. So, when is recess?

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