May 8, 2010

Mom Knows Best

Mom's Kitchen, originally uploaded by Space Commander.
Space Commander's Mom in her new boomerang formica kitchen, around 1958.

At some point in your life, you had a mother. This person probably had to put up with you for at least the first eighteen years of your life. Do you realize what a hassle that must have been? She already had your father to take care of, and then there were your siblings to contend with. And on top of all that, she decided to go ahead and have you. Don't think she didn't already know what she was getting herself in to either, she knew all to well. Giving up nine months out of her own life, 24/7 non-stop with no relief in sight. And she probably wasn't getting paid time and a half either. It isn't like she couldn't have found something better to do, like taking a trip to Paris or inventing the first transister circuit board. And it didn't stop after your birth (like that was any walk through the daisies). There were years of feeding, burping, and dirty diapers. Hopefully by the time you reached Seven years of age most of you didn't need the diapers anymore. But you were still a chore for her, believe me... every second of every minute of the day.

And here you are today, probably dumping grandkids in her lap and running off, perhaps with thoughts of leaving no forwarding address for her. What does she get for it all? One lousy day of the year, just ONE! Maybe she'll get a greeting card and some flowers. And you can be sure she'll count herself lucky if she gets treated to just one meal that she doesn't have to prepare.

Geeeesh! A person has to be crazy to be a mother.

Thanks Mom.

Love your Mom and all she's done for you - especially for those things which you'll never know about, and for the things you took for granted. Happy Mother's Day!

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Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

What an incredible family photo that is. Just precious. To be treasured for sure!!!

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