May 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy...

So.... I don't think I like breathing toxic fumes and scrapping off old paint as much as I do shopping. But I've been tackling a bit of both head on.

It's turning into another week of busyness and plenty's getting done. Finally my front door is cleaned of blue paint and ready for a good sanding (confidentially the 9-year old Junior thinks leaving it as a wood finish instead of painting it a new color is "Bo-ring!" But since I'm bigger than he is, what I say still goes!)

It's been slim pickings at the thrifts lately, which is probably a good thing for my wallet but isn't as much fun either.

Close... but Nuh Uh. Kinda reminds me of almost a womb chair wannabe. Why a womb chair? Because the Womb chair is on my Top Five List of Fave Chairs, that's why! Other highly esteemed members of this elite group include:
  • the Eames Lounge (Naturally)
  • the Jacobsen Egg (Futuristic!)
  • the Butterfly (Most comfy chair on earth!)
  • a Zanuso (ANY Zanuso!)


Now this is what I like. Really. A Lot. There's just the minor problem of where to find another corner to park another extra chair in the limited kitchen space? But still... look at those chrome arms!

Junior's been a busy little man too. Today he brought home from school the poster he made about his subject in famous people of American history:

Good job - Way to go, Big Guy! (Dang... that kid is looking too grown to be my little Junior anymore)


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

You are busy!

Please come to my home next, I need my front door painted. Bring Jr., he will think I'm cooler. Ha ha.

Oooo love that chair. The chrome one. Always a place to put an extra chair. Bed room, office desk, garage work bench. Doesn't HAVE to go in the kitchen.

twinklez1985 said...

If you want to buy it your more than welcome to place it here in my house :)

Maggi said...

Awww, Jr is too cute! Love those chairs!

Space Commander said...

Maggi, Thanks! The only problem w/ Junior is he already knowns he's cute, the lil Squirt!

lol Twinklez, how can I resist an offer like that? ;)

Atomic Ranch, if I worked on that house for you, what are you going to be left with to blog about? hehe

Vintage Christine said...

I just dug two very similar chairs (sans chrome arms) out of my Dad's basement and then discovered someone had painted the chrome. Aack! Oh well, another job for my husband. I'm still trying to get myself pysched up enough to get the rust off the chrome of my dinette set. By the way, for someone to say there's nothing in the thrift when those shelves appear to be FULL of stuff . . .

Laura Lowe said...

Cool chair, and cute kid! Thanks for following at my blog!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Yeah, I guess once I get the house all done, you know, in 2525, I'll have to blog some cupcake recipes lol...

Space Commander said...

Christine... okay, so there's a FEW things out there... but I've got a budget to think about LoL I've also got a rusty chrome chair I pulled from my Grandma's crawlspace. If it wasn't for the fact it was family's, I shouldn't even bother with the idea of restoring it.

Laura, I loved your blog!

Atomic Ranch... 2525?? Well you're always welcome to come on over and show me how you did it, because mine will NEVER be done! =D

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