July 7, 2010

Strategic Air Command

As requested by the Atomic Ranch Lady, for the first time ever here's my old snapshots of a bit of Cold War history.

I took these shots of the S.A.C. Air and Space Museum back when I was a mere kidlett, so remember that when you browse through! The whole museum complex (as well as the Base) was still located near Bellevue at the time and we visited the museum a couple times over the years since my Grandma E. lived in town.

Today the museum has moved to an entirely indoor modern facility 20 miles down the road, near Ashland, Nebraska.

It would have been one of the first times my Dad let me use his 35mm Pentax camera, and we probably developed the roll ourselves in our storeroom/darkroom as we often did.




Super Fortress

Here's the Flickr link to all 15 photographs: SAC Air & Space Museum in the 70's/80's
And apologies in advance - Flickr is having loading issues today :(


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Wow, not bad for a newbie 35mm user... =O

Gotta love the Flying Fortress =D

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh and thanks for showing these to us. =)

Carole said...

Those are cool pictures!

We have an air and space museum near me that is fantastic. It's a fun visit every now and again.

Your photos remind me of some that are in with my family photos (though some of those are pretty grim).

Space Commander said...

Always loved museums! Any of 'em LoL

And you are welcome... I'd almost given up when I finally found these.

When I took these I had started building plastic model kits too, so I was in heaven. Of course I took lots of pics of the Fortress, she's still my fave ;)

Carole, ohhh... I wish you'd post some of those pics!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

OK, if you still have yer models, we need to see those too lol...


Space Commander said...

What's left of those are hanging in Junior's room.... some day you'll see that, if you're lucky ;)

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