July 3, 2010

The Third of July

Your friendly neighborhood Space Commander asks: "Have you got your box of sparklers yet?"

Perhaps going for something with a little more "umph!" Like maybe your very own neighborhood arsenal?

Thinking about cracking open his piggy bank about now...

I love this box! Guess that's why I'd kept it stored in our attic.


Cowboys riding rockets... you can't get anymore retro than that ;)

Every manufacturer is out to grab the buyers' attention with the most colorful packaging, and many until recently still drew on the same influences you'd see in mid-century tin-lithographed toys. They're bright, colorful, and promise hours of noisy fun! They have an artform all their own.

Vintage Standard Fireworks, originally uploaded by EpicFireworks.

And don't forget to grab some punks to set them off with too!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Do you take these photos? Because wow, you really have an eye for capturing an amazing photo. Seriously. =)

Wonderful post, I think we wish we were all there!

Love love the vintage fireworks! Jealous I don't have those!

Amber Von Felts said...

Oh Man is that firework place called "The Crazy Cracker"? I'm going to pretend it is, even if it aint! I love the artwork on fireworks. Junior looks excited!

Space Commander said...

Yes ma'am, I take my own photos except for those two Epic Fireworks vintage assortments ;) I love opportunities for unposed/unplanned shots with Junior, Thanks!

Amber, "Crazy Cracker" has been selling from their tents around here for longer than I can remember... some things never change!

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