July 17, 2010

The Big One-Oh

So... I haven't been seen too much in recent days, but I have a good excuse. Yesterday the formerly 9-year old Junior turned double digits - the big one as in the Big One-Oh (pssst... that'd be Ten-years old, btw)!

You'll be happy to know that he's been living it up on this monumentally big occasion, and that his Pop (that'd be me) is surviving fairly well, with all things considered. Junior started off his big day with a pancake breakfast in bed. Next he was forced to watch home movies of his original birth day from exactly ten years ago (muah-ha-ha!). Then we had a day at the waterpark followed by a night of video games (yes, he's earned it). We wrapped up the festivities last night by braving mosquito hordes to laze away in our over-sized kid pool while watching the moon and the lightning bugs dancing overhead.

Today we're headed to the lake. And tomorrow, if I can hang on that long, were aiming to go to the RR Days event up in Omaha.

Three days, three full days of fun-filled kid-excitement and thrills... what on earth was I thinking? =O

If you don't hear back from me again by Monday, send a rescue team - please!

= = =

So where's the vintage connection I'm supposed to make with this blog??? Worry not... Here's a few favorite pics from the family album of birthdays past...

Brother Dear's birthday goodies: A Merry-go-Round cake (probably made by Grandma) a gumball machine, a dump truck and a nifty tin machine gun!

Sis's baby doll cake, also likely made by Grandma... she was a cake designing genius!

A Snoopy-themed birthday party for the future Space Commander! Is there nothing in this poloroid shot that doesn't just scream "Seventies" at you?


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Whoo hoo! Sounds like soooo much fun!

Happy Birfday Jr! =D

MoonDoggie said...

My mum used to make the coolest cakes too - even had a kids birthday cake book that we got to choose from each year.
Feel sorry for the kids today with their crappy supermarket bought cakes and McDonald birthday parties.
Starting to feel old...

Amber Von Felts said...

Congrats Junior, and I hope you were able to hang in there Dad! FOr my 10th B-day I got a Snoopy stuffed animal that was also a radio! We went to country themed a restaurant called Po' Folks were they sing Happy Birthday to you all hillbilly-like. It was fun! I hope you and Junior had a blast!

blackberry said...

What do you mean? Why that tablecloth is fresh as tomorrow's news.

Space Commander said...

I keep feeling like today kids don't have it nearly as good as we obviously had it... only Junior thinks I was the one who was deprived because we didn't have PlayStation 2's & 3's. I still think I'm right!

Thanks Everyone, we had tons of fun, and by Sunday night I had had enough LoL

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