July 6, 2010

Space-Age Playlands

Yes.... there's More ;)

An article in Life Magazine "Playgrounds take a Space-age Spin", March 15, 1963


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

We had that rocket cage looking thing at our playground! =D

Space Commander said...

I played in a few of those too ;) My fave was a rocket slide near my Grandma E's in Bellevue (small town adjacent to S.A.C.... there was an Atlas missle displayed in town too).

Yippee! My updates are showing-up on the blogroll again!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...


Thankfully, they made a whole air museum at the local military base. Lots of awesome planes on display. =D

Also, when I worked out in the boonies here in the desert, we got special permission to be on one military base that used to do a lot of what looked like Atomic bomb blast tests, but I'm sure it was just for artillery and such. They had "homes" set up, old cars, old planes and cool 1950's stuff that has been sitting there for, well, decades.

A sign by one of the entrances had an old propaganda slogan about keeping your lips sealed or some such 1950's deal. Very cool. =D I'd taken photos, but the base was still Top Secret stuff lol no cameras allowed.

Space Commander said...

Woah! And now you've spilled the beans on the whole top secret deal =O

SAC used to have a museum with static displays of bombers (I took pics with Dad's 35mm when I was maybe 14?). Since then they've moved it all indoors to a new location on the highway...

Geesh! And we could've gone there this past weekend instead of watching the rain coming down.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...


True story, same place: My boss who was far more book smart than had common sense. Snuck a camera in, to take photos of our study site.

The last day, the Base assigns a guy to escort us around, so boss can take "approved" photos.

Upon the arrival of military guy, boss blurts out:

"The pictures I took yesterday didn't cover this area".

I froze, didn't bat an eyelash, and stood there as innocent lowly underling lol...... Boy was I glad I wasn't the boss THAT day! =D

Boss blew it, big time heehee...

Oh and show us your 14 year old Atomic Living guy photos of the cool stuff. =)

Space Commander said...

Hehe... wonder if your boss ever lived THAT one down ;)

Those old photos look like the pics a 14 year old who scarcely knew how to point and shoot would take ;P

But if I can dig 'em out... just remember, you asked for it! LoL

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I think folks expected some amazing early Disneyland photos from my folks, but I posted what I had, which was doodly lol... Funny, Dad was a bit of a camera buff, but he didn't always take a "good" photo. =)

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