July 2, 2010

The Second of July

My blog buddy Atomic Ranch Lady asked "what do we collect/display in celebration of Independance Day?" Mine would be the American flag that's been used by my family and displayed on this house every July 4th since the 1970's.... or as long as I can remember!

Above is one of a set of photos my Dad shot. It's still in the a.m. on this Fourth, the flag has been proudly unfurled on our home, and there's me sitting underneath with a string of ladyfingers and a handful of pop bottle rockets. Doing what I loved best! I was a bit younger than Junior's age here. Since then our flag lost its gold eagle mounting at the tip of the pole some years ago, and it's colors have become faded, but I think she still has a few good years of waving left in her ;)

Below it's the same flag, same house - today.

Here I am again, looking kind of sleepy. I would usually sleep in during Summer vacation, but this morning was an exception! Rain or shine I bet those cowboy boots never left my feet for longer than two seconds until I outgrew 'em... Ha :P

What I'd like to ask is this: "Do you have any favorite photos from the Fourth of July (and for our readers overseas, from any holiday special to you)?" It can be of family gatherings, parades, picnics, big events or small... something that says something important to you or what you remember. Share them if you'd like and Have fun remembering why the holiday means something to you.


Straight Talking Mama! said...

I don't have any special pics like that, I think our only special holiday in the UK is Christmas, we don't have anything like the 4th of July.

I would love to be in the US just once for the 4th but then as has been said it's really just about getting drunk now, I don't mind a drink but that's a little sad :o(

MoonDoggie said...

Aww you were a real cutie.
And you've got a cool front door btw.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Really awesome photos, wonderful story (and I'd already decided, my front door is going to be red too!)

My favorite kid memories of Fourth of July are going to the local park to watch the fireworks. Being excited about going, what kind of red, white and blue outfit to put together...

They had booths set up and a playground, and I'd sometimes bring a friend and we'd have fun.

Waiting for what seemed forever for the fireworks to start, laying on a blanket and watching them when they finally did...

Space Commander said...

S.T. Mama, I'm pretty sure if you visited the right town/city you'd like it. There's still places where they keep up their traditions!

Thanks Moondoggie! The front door's in pretty good shape, I'm still working on the house trim but the weather hasn't been cooperating.

Atomic Ranch, Red doors seem to say mid-cent modern better than any other color, don't they? ;)

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Hard to decide some colors, but one mid-century house near me has a white house, dark gray trim and a red door. It caught my eye and that hasn't changed. My roof is a dark gray, so I think it'll look great. =D

Oh sorry, wish I had July 4th pics to share, but I have no family holiday photos when I was a kid. =(

Space Commander said...

I'd thought to change it to ask instead about fave memories of the Fourth, but didn't have time before going to work. dern!

My house has the beige siding, so I'm limited to repainting the trim. The roof is reddish, which limits the color choices even more. The house next door is beige too, w/ gray dark trim, so I don't want to repeat that. And I really like this two-toned light green ranch on the other end of the block though.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Most of the mid century homes around here are shades of sand or taupe or tan *ick*

Two are gray, which I like, but I don't want to be a copycat either.

One guy down the street still uses exterior colored cone outdoor lights at night to shine on the outside of his house. I should take a photo of that. Very mid-century... =)

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