June 24, 2010

Reason #139 Why I Hate eBay

The date of expected delivery of the Queen Mother of Atomic pendant lighting has came and went. The anticipation was there, as well as the excitement, and by now a growing amount of anxiety.

No mailman stopped in his shiny white truck. He didn't walk up my steps bearing a large box of mid-century goodness, and there was no "ring-a-ding-ding" from the front door announcing to me that "Today was Sputnik Light Day!!!"

Instead, today (finally) the seller responded to my polite email of last Monday!

In their response they apologized for not shipping the light yet ( :P ). They explained that they were out of town and had car trouble. I get a feeling that that's an excuse, not a reason. I know people have lives of their own and stuff happens. But when you're in business for yourself you have obligations to your paying customers, even when you sell your services over eBay.

This should have been shipped off last week before the trip, shouldn't it?... or am I just goofy to think that the stated delivery time should mean something? It meant enough that I made arrangements so that I was home to accept the delivery of an expensive item.

On a quirky side note, the Seller ended their brief message by asking if it'd be okay to take out the bulbs shown in the photo because they wanted to keep these (anyway "3 or 4 are burnt out").

Just insert an *eyeroll* here... because that's just what I did ;P


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ohhhh I feel your pain! You know I do!

Take the bulbs my arse lol... Well, they are going to do it anyways, aren't they?

Are they standard old Christmas light bulbs? They sell those cheep on eBay. Of course, I bet you are going to get the super cool Sputnik bulbs they also sell just for these, aren't you? Hey, make Jr get a job, he won't care. Right? All must make sacrifices for the MCM gods lol......

Reminds me of the lamp shade seller who didn't get around to answering my email two weeks after I sent it, two weeks after the auctions end, to tell me he underestimated s/h, and I could pay another $15 (in addition to the $15 I had paid) or cancel the deal.

What a dork!

I should go give him the neg he deserves. Go neg yours! After you get the lamp tee hee....

Barbara said...

Do this if you paid by paypal. File a claim as both "not received" and "not as described" (seller removing items that were supposed to come with). Keep claim active until you receive the lamp with the parts you want.

Works for me every time.

Carole said...

I've purchased from eBay in the past, but never large items like a lot of you do.

I've only had serious problems once, when I purchased a land camera that I was lead to believe was in nearly perfect condition. It arrived moldy and mildewed and unsalvageable.

The issue was resolved, thankfully, and I got my money back in full.

Reading what some of you have gone through over the past weeks, I don't think I'd ever buy something of this nature over eBay. I know there are good sellers out there, but there seem to be a lot more who are just out to make a quick buck.

And to ask you if they can keep the bulbs (burnt out or not) is ridiculous. The item should be sent to you as it was pictured. Nothing missing.

Looks like white nightlight/Christmas bulbs to me too, so if that's the case, you can get those just about anywhere. I'm sure you can find much cooler bulbs for that fixture though. Good luck. I hope you get your lamp soon.

Vintage Christine said...

I'm just emerging from my annual eBay buying frenzy and other than some broken glass (that got replaced with even better stuff) and a seller who got huffy because I was asking too many questions, it's been ok. Oh yeah, there was that item represented as something it wasn't but I mishandled things on my end so I can't complain. I just received a gorgeous glass urn today that I got a great deal on so all in all, I'm on Reason #2 Why I Love eBay (#2 is "Sometimes things you got a great deal on arrive on time, arrive as represented, and arrive in one piece"). There's nothing after 2, by the way. #1 is "Some of the sellers are actually honest". And about those lightbulbs--if you don't get all of them, I'd take 'em out anyway and replace them with those old school multi-color Xmas lights. That would be AWESOME!

Steele said...

As of this moment, I'd file a claim for "Item not received" since you haven't received the item yet, and the seller has not stated when they are going to be mailing the item. I'd also tell the seller no, that you purchased the item as pictured and that if you receive the item without the bulbs, then you will file a claim of "Item not as described" to replace the bulbs. Changing the item's condition or parts after the listing ended and you paying is a violation of eBay TOS.

And I would be leaving negative feeback after I received the item.

Space Commander said...

Finally got back home... Wow! Lots of good feedback :D

I don't care about the cheap bulbs! LoL ...But I think it speaks loads about the seller that he brings it up.

I like ebay for the small stuff. This is only the 2nd time I've ever bought something big. Unfortunately its the only way I can ever obtain one of these.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I doubt if I'm forceful enough as a buyer in these situations, but I'm following your advice on this one. I only stick w/ Paypal, so I've got some protection.

The fancy bulbs are a must! But I like Christine's idea, especially around Christmas!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

We can help you make the seller do the right thing...

:::::peer pressure:::::


Carole said...

Good luck!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I cannot for the life of me understand how some people who sell on ebay don't get that you should treat people as you would like to be treated. When I sell on ebay - my personal stuff - I treat people exactly like I treat my customers for my business, I always treat 'customers' as I would like to be treated, I HATE bad ebayers!!

Space Commander said...

Straight Talking Mama, that's exactly what I try to do with my job too... customers always pick up on that.

RADTRO said...

If insurance and tracking is not included I request it and pay extra that way I can harass them for a tracking #. I dont really mind long shipping so long as the people keep in contact with me, most ebay sellers have day jobs.
And yes the worst part about selling on Ebay is finding boxes and shipping. boo for shipping :P

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