June 26, 2010

The Inter-Planetary Monetary Currency of the F-U-T-U-R-E

Through the miracle of modern technology, I bring you Space Money - able to withstand the extreme stresses of space travel: high speeds, cosmic rays, zero gravity and the scorching temperatures of reentry. Good for the inter-planetary traveller on all the solar planets including Pluto (which incidentally is no longer classed as a planet)!

space money

Images courtesy of usahousewares


Space Commander can not be held responsible for any illegal activities pertaining to this post, including the illicit downloading, photo-manipulation, counterfeit printing and trading of the a fore mentioned
Space Ranger inter-planetary monetary currency items illustrated above. Remember, the forgery of play money is all good fun until someone gets hurt. Thank you, and have a nice day :)


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Wow, can you trade it for ray guns? =D

Space Commander said...

Suuure you can trade it for ray guns. After you've been certified for ray gun ownership of course. You don't want to shoot something's tenticles off accidental, yanno.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Did you say tenticles or...

Nahhhhhh I wasn't even thinking it *smirk*smirk*

Maybe I can trade some of those cool space bucks to get new paint for my living room floor? =P

Space Commander said...

LoL!!! I'm so glad I didn't take a sip of my pop before I read that... LMAO

Vintage Christine said...

Reading the above exchange I feel like I did when I was 7 and actually walked in on my mom and dad doing the boogaloo, so to speak. ****backing out slowly on tiptoes vehwee ca-why-ett-ly****

Space Commander said...


ummmmm... the Boogaloo, huh?


Anonymous said...

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