June 20, 2010

Dear Dad...

Dear Dad,

A whole year has gone by.

It's been a year without my gaining some reassurance from your insight, without my looking deeper at situations from your thoughtful views and without my looking deeper into myself from your learned convictions.

I try to be the man you've been, and the kind of father you were. But I know that I will always come up short.

Though age and health took their heavy toll on you, I refused to look down, but up to you.

You were my lifelong leader, my shoulder, and my friend.

Today, we've gotten on with our lives, no longer haunted by the daily worries for your welfare. But today there is someone missing who had brought so much into our lives, and sacrificed so much for his family.

Thank you Dad. You are missed.

= = =

Love your Father!

A Happy Fathers Day for all the dads out there and all the kids of dads!


Sudha said...

wonderful and very touching....my dad battled cancer and now is suffering from a few other ailments...everyday is a struggle..but we are glad he is around...no one can take our parents place.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...


Happy Fathers Day, Space Commander. =)

Ally said...

I'm sure your dad would be proud. As they say noble parents make for noble children. My heart goes out to all of those missing someone yesterday and every day :(


Space Commander said...

Thank you everyone, hope you all had a good day with your loved ones!!

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