June 14, 2010

The Atomic Home Tour Continues

Well hello there, again!

This is your tour guide Babette again, and I'm very happy to be with all of you today. There's so much to see, isn't there? *gleem*

We've just finished up with the Living room, and now we'll continue on with our tour today by having a look at...

The Kitchen

This china hutch has been in this home and part of the family for many years, almost since the house was built.Oh dear *gasp!* As you can see the owner has been spending too much time chatting it up on his computer. He really should have gotten caught up on his housework and finished cleaning those dirty dishes before having a tour of his house, shouldn't he? ...Men! What can you do with them?...

The home owner told me that most of the items displayed in the kitchen belonged to his Mother. She was quite the vintage collector from what I understand.

And of course, the homeowner also has his own collections which he's quite proud of ...

In fact, I think you'll all agree that he's been collecting a little too much!

= = =

How much more of this snooping will the home owner allow???
Find out - come back next time!


Missouri Michael said...

ohhh!!! I have three of your kitchen chairs! (the three without the curved back) I got them at a garage sale 8 or 9 years ago for $4.50. One wasn't in very good shape, but I still have the other two. I took the backs off them and took them to a local business and had them chromed. Really added a sparkle to them!

I love looking through the pictures of other people's houses. I'm always on the lookout for things that I have! I also have a vintage Mixmaster and the primary color set of Pyrex mixing bowls (I use the mixer and bowls a lot!).

Love the house tour!

Vintage Christine said...

OK--this is me going through your post: I have that, and I have that, and I have that but in a different color, and I want THAT, and I'm getting THAT if it kills me, and where was this guy when I was single?????? Awesome, just awesome. And tell Babette that she needs to get her little butt behind a can of Pledge and do the cleaning for you. Really!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...
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1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Whoo hoo! That space age red bowl IS yours! (I keep seeing a teaser in the thumbnails at the bottom of your posts, wasn't sure if you owned it or not).

And like me, you have kitchen things displayed in your kitchen cabinets that reflect the era.

When folks come to my house, they will be encouraged to go through the drawers and cabinets ha ha.

Annnnd I see YOU have been the person outbidding me on those cool space glasses!

Wow, fantastic, I think it special you still have some original furniture. I am retaining as much as I can too.

Nice kitchen table. You didn't go for the formica like most of us do. I like that as well.

All fantastic! Would love to have coffee and gossip about the neighbors in that kitchen ha ha.

Space Commander said...

Michael, I'd like to see what those chrome chairs look like! I'm real lucky I found this set. The mixmaster is exactly like the one we had when I was a kid, and the pyrex is Mom's.

LMAO Christine! I'd be happy to put some of Babette perkiness to real use.

Atomic Ranch, I hardly dare display that bowl with Junior knocking around. You know that lil squirt tried busting open a rock by pounding it on that table?!! And was it ever hard to decide what of the family furnishings to give up... but anything that was old was safe ;)

Amber Von Felts said...

Babette would drop dead if she spied my kitchen sink! Its wayyyy more full of dishes than yours. At least they are vintage dishes though! I love the table set you've got and the mixing bowls up high, I'm trying to score a couple of those myself. All I've got is the big yellow one!

Space Commander said...

LoL Amber, Babette should keep her comments to herself! This yellow bowl made tons of cakes and fruit salads, I don't know how it ever survived. Mom had lost the smaller two bowls over the years so I had to hunt down a couple of replacements too.

Missouri Michael said...

I have a question. Is your back door a Dutch door? It sure looks like it in the photo. Would love to see more of it if it is!

Space Commander said...

Yes Michael, it's a Dutch Door. I'll be happy to take some clearer shots for you.

Ally said...

Oh hello, I want to move in to that joint! We have those Pyrex bowls!


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