June 22, 2010

Parade of Atomic Homes?... There's More???

Hiya all!

It's me, Atomic Babette again!

Were continuing with our tour of the 1958 ranch home "The Delores." Now everyone form a neat line right here and follow me, right this way!

We've already seen the mid century modern living area and the retro kitchen. Are you ready for more? Even if you're not, here we go . . .

The Den/Office/Studio

Oh my, what have we in here? A room full of emptiness! This room was cleared only a month ago making room for a studio area.

My stars! Everything is old in here, isn't it? The tank-side table, the art table... even that G-3 computer *giggle*

You know, I think the homeowner really should install adjustable wall shelving over the art table, like that originally used in this home in the 60's-70's. Wouldn't that give him someplace swell to showoff that vintage camera collection?

The art equipment came straight from the family's commercial graphic arts business, dating back before we experienced better living through computers!

And he should do a feature about that space collection on that blog or whatever it's called of his too. Because it's so... Spacey!

No, no Mrs. Roberts, I don't believe he'd be interested in trading his collection of Space memorabilia for your vintage dentures collectibles. But maybe you could ask him, hmmm?

= = =

That's all for now . . . Be sure to come back again as we continue with even more of the tour!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Wow wow wonderful!!

I collect vintage art supplies too! I have a vintage camera collection too! (Used to be Dads cameras). I am looking for a particular brand of green metal box fan too! Space poster, check, got that... Old radio, check, got that lol... Life magazines on Space, just got those, check! Cool statue, check, got a couple of those!

And look!! You have the same vintage drafting table I have! Used to be Moms.

Jeepers, this has been my favorite room so far. =D

Why I get so excited to see similar things owned by others, I have no clue, but wow, just love this room so much!

There's something so timesless about vintage art supplies, isn't there? =)

When can I come over and play at your house? hahaha j/k ;)

Bravo, great job.

Amber Von Felts said...

Your office is so much cleaner than mine! I like the old camera, like you and Ms. Atomic, I too have a camera collection! Something about outdated technology...I just love it! I think you should find a "space-age" flat screen monitor though, your CRT is dominating your vintage desk! Its funny how now it is is technology that gets to be Vintage so fast!

Space Commander said...

LoL... is it possible we were seperated at birth? Maybe I'm just channeling Atomic Ranch lady goodness?? Alternate universe??? Your evil double??? We may never know the truth... ;P


I grew up with all the art and camera stuff (Dad's), so of course I have to love it, its family history!

Sure! You're free to come on over whenever you want :) Just bring a ladder and paintbrush, I can use you! *snicker* :D

Space Commander said...

Amber, I'm thinking the office is looking mighty cluttered today... somehow if I ever get an empty spot it gets taken over by anything that needs a temporary spot to sit it.

And I love the space-age flat screen idea! This one eats up my entire desk, and its a dinosaur by now. Everything w/ computers gets outdated SO fast!

Glad you appreciate the cameras too. There's a bit more than what's shown... maybe I should do a post about them since we've got some collectors here?

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

When I had two, count them TWO computers crash and burn on me, I got the super dooper space style flat screen all-in-a-flat-screen-Apple computer, an iMac.

Set me back a few months pay, but it's sooooo worth it.

Funny Space Commander, I had this vibe that we had a lot of vintage stuff in common, not sure why.

The crazy thoughts of an old lady on the internet? Yeah, that's likely it lolol....

But Mom was an artist too, so was Grandma, so I have a great fondness for vintage art supplies and such.

Fingers crossed on your sputnik lamp. I know how nerve-wracking these waiting games can be! Check your buying list, see if the seller clicked on "Item Shipped" yet.

Carole said...

I love your cameras. I collect vintage cameras as well.

Love that green fan too.

The metal airplane reminds me very much of one that Target currently sells. It's very Robert LaDuke in style (painter) and I really want it, but it's a bit too expensive for something I'd just have sitting around gathering dust. Still, it may eventually come home with me. lol

Space Commander said...

Thanks Carole! Now I know I'll have to post more about my collection of Dad's cameras.

I'll tell you a secret - that airplane is a '53 Ford hood ornament I picked long ago. They still pop up from time to time, so keep your eyes open. ;)

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