March 21, 2010

Steve McQueen's Atomic Pad

It's Steve McQueen's home... Need we say more?

"Inside His Hollywood Home
McQueen takes a call in the living room of his eclectic home in Hollywood. "Man, if I didn't make my own scene, I could have wound up a hood instead of an actor," he told LIFE at the time, reflecting on a rough-and-tumble past that included a stint in a school for problem kids and 41 days in the brig for going AWOL while in the Marines.
Photo: John Dominis/TIME & LIFE Pictures"

I ran across this gem a few weeks back originally through a Facebook feed. This must be shared.

Visit Steve McQueen: 20 Never Seen Photos / LIFE Magazine for more (sadly Blogger doesn't support the script to share these directly).

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