March 6, 2010

Junior's Pinewood Derby - the Pedal meets the Metal

Yes! It's the latest pine wood derby racer for the 2010 tourney, built by Team Von Clutch (Junior, Brother Dear and Pop a.k.a. myself).

Our team's T-shirt logo! Actually the car artwork is by Robert Williams (I "borrowed" this as a stand in since I didn't have time with being pit crew, mechanic, body specialist, and chief designer, to draw the artwork for our logo).

First - The Basics: Team Von Clutch chose to go with a more streamlined dragster design this year. Nearly 50% of the original block was removed.

And now, the final product! She's finished off in metal-flecked red, flames on the body, a very retro cow skull and just look at the engine!

Meet our team driver. He's very happy to be in this year's race. Asked what his feelings are about this years race, our driver's response was... well... somewhat unintelligible...

Yes, he may be a little green, but there's no mistaking we have the right guy for our car!

And theeeeey're off!

Good enough to bring home the trophy - Atta boy Junior!

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