March 23, 2010

What We Hope to Watch: Father Knows Best Season Four

Season Four! It's out today!
Father Knows Best: Season 4 @

Thanks to Shout Factory, the First Family of the Fifties has been given back to the faithful with a fourth collection on DVD. The 5 disc set contains 33 uncut episodes from the 1957-1958 season.
  • Will Betty finally get through one episode without experiencing a major crisis? (we can only hope and pray)
  • Will Kathy leave home to be a lady wrestler? (hmmm)
  • Will Bud go to college to become a brain surgeon? (no worries on that one)
  • Will Margaret pull off the rubber gloves and go on strike? (oh no!)
  • Will Father grow another gray hair with each episodic dilema? (of course!)
I'll have to watch each thrill packed episode to find out the answers to these and other pertinent questions. But where, oh where can one go to buy a copy???

In the mean time, check out the new and official FKB website :)

Video clip preview @

FKB: Season Four
Disc 1
101 Follow the Leader
102 The Awkward Hero
103 The Good Neighbor
104 Bud, The Executive
105 Sentenced to Happiness
106 Mother Goes To School
Bonus: Window on Main St
"The boy who got it made"

Disc 2
107 The Indispensable Man
108 Kathy's Big Chance
109 Margaret Learns to Drive
110 The Way of a Dictator
111 Mr. Beal Meets His Match
112 Kathy Makes a Wish
113 Man with a Plan
Bonus: Radio Program
A New Housekeeper

Disc 3
114 Big Sister
115 Calypso Kid
116 Father's Biography
117 The Rivals
118 Bud, the Mind Reader
119 Margaret's Other Family
120 The Trial
Bonus: Radio Program
New Arrangements

Disc 4
121 Revenge is Sweet
122 Country Cousin
123 Poor Old Dad
124 Betty's Crusade
125 Young Love
126 Tell It to Mom
127 A Friend In Need
Bonus: Radio Program
Vacation Arrives

Disc 5
128 A Medal For Margaret
129 The Weaker Sex
130 Jim, The Answer Man
131 Bud Quits School
132 A Matter of Pride
133 Betty Finds a Cause
Bonus: Window on Main St
"The Haunted House "

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