January 1, 2011

Atomic Dining for Space-Age Lovers, and a Resolution?

Well another new year is born and another one bites the dust. It's a time when people often clean out the old to make a fresh start or make new year's resolutions. First of all I'm going to do a slight clean up to my blog by removing the playlist that's been floating at the bottom of the page for far too long - especially since it's been bogging-down the vintage Etch-a-Sketch computer that I use whenever I attempt to load the darned thing :)

The playlist will be kept archived here in this post since there may be someone out there who may still have some fun from it.

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Next I need to make a New Year's resolution... hmmmm, that's quite a bit harder. Maybe I should resolve to put away all the Christmas decor before the end of January this year? Nope, that is a challenge for me, but not challenging enough!

The past is history and one should look ahead. It's time for a change. I'm bored of looking at these same four walls. I need something new, something exciting and different. Maybe Mid Century Mod has had it's day, it's dated and out of place today. Should I give this up, sell it all off and start decorating in vintage 70's decor with macrame owls hanging from the wall and some groovy lava lamps? Just as dated. A little Shabby Chic? Not in this man cave. Maybe we could go for a home make-over in all new post-millennial, like in the photo above? Let me think about that one for awhile. In the meantime I'll ask you this:
Do any of you make a resolution for the new year? And if so, just what is it that you're making a pinky-swear to do?


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Are you tired of mid-century??? =O

I used to go through a lot of different design/decorating phases in my bedroom and art studio, but always wanted the house to look as she did when she was new...

Lisa said...

Great playlist, thanks for posting it! My resolution is to buy less MCM for quantity, and more MCM for quality... pieces I love love love over pieces I kind of like and can't believe no one else has bought Whether or not I'm able to RESIST poodle-shaped ashtrays or conical lamps in bulk will have to be seen.

Space Commander said...

Miss Atomic Ranch, can you forgive me? I'm being sneaky... I don't really want to drastically change anything. I've been so frustrated every time there's another home improvement show where they totally gut the innards of a perfectly preserved mid-century home!

It did serve to get somebody's attention though ;X

Lisa, it's SO hard to not accumulate... I have far more quantity than quality, but it's harder to find the good stuff in my area.

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