April 27, 2010

20th Century Colors Released

Thanks to Pam at Retro Renovation for getting the scoop on this one!
California Paints announces their new 20th Century Colors of America paints. According to the manufacturer "Color experts from Historic New England, working in partnership with California Paints, have analyzed every color in the collection to accurately record each color’s point of origin. This research allows us to offer authentic color documentation for each color in the collection."

This is big news for us homeowners struggling to match period correct colors through the painful process of researching old print ads... which may not be 100% accurate to start with.

The article continues, "Every color of the 20th Century Colors of America palette features its own biography. These color stories are unique and distinctive. Each story begins with the year of that color’s emergence in our collective color history. Using that as a guide, our color experts document how each color was used, in what settings, and list specific design elements that were often implemented with each color."

Here's some of what California Paints has to offer:

1940-1960 Mid-Century Modern colors

The post-World War II housing boom and the popularization of modern architecture brought bold colors in deep tones into popularity once again. Earth tones dominated exteriors, while interiors featured sophisticated, modulated neutral shades like bone, gray-beige, pearl gray, and taupe alongside saturated accents in fuchsia, teal, evergreen, charcoal, and chocolate with strong contrasts in chartreuse, tangerine, gold, and sulfur yellow.

From looking through the selection I immediately recognized the color Weatgrass as being used on the exterior of our home, with Modern White accents when I was a kid.

I'm excited! Finally a selection of paint colors that takes out the guesswork.


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Whoo hoo, just in time for me, painting the whole interior of my house! Thanks!

Space Commander said...

Me too... Now all I have to do is make up my mind which colors to use!

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