January 16, 2009

Enter stage right - the Kitchen

Probably no room in the home did more to define the 1950's decade than the kitchen. Remember the Kitchen of Tomorrow? Why wasn't there a den, a bedroom, or even a livingroom of Tomorrow?

And all the gadgetery dreampt up! Go to any fleamarket or antique store and you'll find 10 times more kitchen related items than any other.

Our house lost it's essential 50's-ishness in the kitchen only ten years ago (sigh). After 40 years Mom wanted an update, so out went the original maple wood cabinetry, the built-in yellow-enamel stove and built-in yellow-enamel oven. The photos below show the identical pink units still in place next door at (formerly) Grandma's house. The formica countertop is vintage too.

The first thing to go was the old kitchen table from the 70's. The search was tedious, but my efforts paid off - as seen below. Swanky and very hip-happening! Charcoal formica top with chrome strip edging, black tapered legs and pink vinyl upholstery all perfectly packaged into a stylish yet comfortable feel. This set by Daystrom was listed by the seller as being of 60's vintage, though I've seen the same group offered as far back as 1953 in one publication. Daystrom was among the most productive manufacturers of mid century metal dinette sets such as this.

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