April 1, 2008

Father Knows Best - Finally!

It's here! Finally Jim Anderson has met up with current technology - Father Knows Best - Season One is now available on DVD, relesed by Shout! Factory. Father Knows Best premiered on CBS in October 1954 and has been part of the American cultural fabric ever since. Every week families gathered around the television set to join Jim, Margaret, "Princess", "Bud" and "Kitten" in their very first year as everyone's favorite 50's family. On DVD for the first time ever, this 4-disc set contains the Complete first season.

The 26 episodes are crisp for the most part, and with the original as-aired opening titles, these are a far cry from my badly degraded video recordings made off of CBN twenty years ago! The series has been alive in syndication almost constantly since production ended, that is until TV Land pulled the plug on the Andersons and fans of the TV series have been in withdrawls since.

One of our favorite episodes included in this collection is Bud's Motor Scooter - it's hard to pick a favorite, they're all classics. Juniors been listening to the original radio episodes for the past two years, and now he has a full collection of the tv series to enjoy.

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